Monday, December 27, 2010

Withdraw history book now, says DAP

Mon, 27 Dec 2010 13:56

By Joseph Tawie

KUCHING: Sarawak DAP has asked the Education Ministry to “withdraw immediately” the history textbook used in Forms 4 and 5, alleging that its Islamic bias is too heavy.

The book is more proper for a class teaching the Islamic religion, according to Sarawak DAP secretary Chong Chieng Jen.

He noted that all four writers of the book were Muslim and said they seemed to be pushing “a certain agenda”.

Five of the book’s 10 chapters are devoted to Islamic history and civilisation.

“The other religious civilisations are almost non-existent in the text,” Chong said.

“We do not mind our children understanding more about Islamic civilisation. But it has to be presented fairly and accurately with a balanced perspective.

"Reading the textbook, it seems that there is only one important civilisation in the entire history of the human race.

“Are the other major civilisations not worth studying in equal depth?”

He said his party feared that unless the ministry withdrew the book, the education system would be producing citizens “with an extremely narrow worldview and an incomplete and distorted view of world history and civilisation”.

He alleged that the authors seemed to be trying to influence students to “follow one particular religion” and suggested that their book be replaced with one with a “balanced approach” to “allow our children to learn the basic tenets of all major world religions”.

“Allow them to engage in comparative studies,” he said. “This will only promote better understanding among the different races and religions.

“We respect the Muslim belief in the greatness of their prophet.

"However, we have to respectfully suggest that teachings that encourage students to follow any prophet would properly belong to a religious class meant for students who already subscribe to that particular faith.”

“Such teachings ought not to be taught in a major history textbook for students of other faiths.

"The ministry must withdraw immediately this book. The textbook must be rewritten to reflect our multi-religious society.”

Taken from Free Malaysia Today


Anonymous said...

this is right....we, multi races country, we must stuy the histry of all races..not only those muslim histry..this is not fair, this is not call 1 malaysia !!!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

i support your view YB

Anonymous said...

By the end of the day, the new generation only knows malaysia, malays and muslim only, so when go out of malaysia, they can't even survive , so stupid

Anonymous said...

stupid BN government, if they didnt change the history syllabus.. hehe... wait and see ... see what our school produce .... suicide bomber .. perang jihad .... bom orang sebarangan... tetapi diri pun hancur kecai... inilah yang dipanggil mati untuk agama, mampus dunia mapus malaysia kerana fikiran cetek seperti ini.

Anonymous said...

sokong, sokong ... 100% sokong pendapat dan bantahan YB Chong

ROBERT said...

Dear all,
Please remind them we should not have any official state religion in Sabah & Sarawak.. so our syllables should portray the same image in all area concerning religions & civilisation of the world.
Anyway,muslim & other world religion are wide spread in propagation, be the good or bad side of it..

Anonymous said...

I am 200% full support to YB...

Anonymous said...

Ya, mungkin karena itu