Friday, December 3, 2010

White Paper to mask misdeeds, say Taib's critics

By Joseph Tawie at Free Malaysia Today

KUCHING: Opposition politicians in Sarawak, alarmed that the state may introduce legislation to clamp down on its critics, have accused members of the Barisan Nasional administration, especially Chief Minister Taib Mahmud, of trying to cover up their misdeeds.

“It’s political harassment of the highest degree,” said Sarawak PKR chief Baru Bian in reaction to Deputy Chief Minister George Chan's statement that Taib’s cabinet would meet next week to consider whether to formulate a law based on a controversial white paper that the state claims is aimed at curbing “unhealthy political trends”.

The state assembly recently passed a resolution allowing the government to publish the white paper.

Opposition politicians say it is aimed at barring peninsula-based opposition politicians and activists from entering Sarawak. They also see it as an attempt to prevent further reporting on Taib’s extensive transnational business empire and his abundant wealth. Such reports and allegations are already widespread on the Internet.

“This sabre rattling and flexing is the clearest sign yet of insecurity and fear within an unsettled BN government,” Bian said.

Why is the Chief Minister so afraid? A government which is clean and transparent has nothing to fear from within or without.”

DAP’s Voon Lee Shan, who is the state assemblyman for Batu Lintang, said the white paper was a violation of human rights. “The government should not use it to hide their misdeeds," he said.

He urged Taib to reply to allegations that he had abused his power to accumulate wealth. “If he continues to remain silent, the people will think that the allegations are true,” he added.

Bian described the white paper as “too open ended” and "open to manipulation and abuse”.

"This is already proven in the Immigration Act, through which certain individuals have been arbitrarily barred from entering the state without any valid reasons given,” he said.

"There are sufficient existing laws that can be used to address the same issues mentioned in the white paper and to curb extremists in relation to racial and religious harmony.

“If the BN government is sincere about curbing racial and religious disharmony, then I think the recent discovery of some Dayak children being designated as ‘keturunan Melayu’ is a clear indictment of the BN government's erosion of our racial and religious harmony.

"What is the point of promoting the concept of 1Malaysia in Sarawak if on the other hand a white paper seeks to keep out other Malaysians from Sarawak?"

Chan has denied that the white paper was aimed at preventing peninsula-based opposition leaders from entering Sarawak.

“It is all about security and making sure that the state does not have destabilising elements coming in,” he said.

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All the effort to spread the truth about him, finally suceed...!! The fear of his shadow is haunting himself because of the guilt all this years.