Saturday, December 18, 2010

The 22nd Wedding Anniversary of Mr. and Mrs. Baru Bian.

Pastor Wilfred Jaboh praying for the couple.

Benjamin (18), Emmylyn (14), Ching Sieu, Baru and Joshua (21).

Friday 17th December at a private function room in a quiet hotel in Kuching.


Lynn Cheang said...

Happy 22nd Wedding Anniversary, Mr & Mrs Baru Bian and may there be many, many more joyous ones to come. What a wholesome family you've got, Saudara Baru. I'm already visualing you and your family as the First Family of Sarawak next year! May God Bless you and your family and give you all the strength and courage to strive forth to free Sarawak from its current rape and plunder. Best wishes.

Sarawak Boy said...

Wholesome, humble, simple, God fearing. This is a TRUE LEADER. God bless you Baru Bian and your family, and God bless Sarawak.

Ravi Chitty said...

May our Good Lord Bless and enrich your lives with much joy and meaning even as you and your family continue to serve him in all areas of your life!Belated Blessed Wedding Anniversary wishes!!