Thursday, November 11, 2010


RADIO FREE SARAWAK! is an Iban language station and it will bring exciting news and programming to the peoples of the interior of Sarawak. The fresh approach will enable people to find out what is going on in Sarawak and to learn about the situation in their own communities and neighbouring communities.

Please help us inform the peoples of Sarawak that RADIO FREE SARAWAK! will start broadcasting throughout the entire state starting Monday 15th November on a daily basis as follows:

First Transmission: 7am to 8am on frequency 7590 kHz Power: 100 kW or 200kW

Second Transmission: 6pm to 7pm on frequency 15680 kHz

Please note that this is SHORT WAVE (SW).


Anonymous said...

Can this be accessed by internet?

Anonymous said...

If it is being transmitter from the UK transmitting town, I'd assume the program was delivered in digital audio format which can be made available for internet access in the form of Podcast.